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WW Whole Grain Recipes

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General Whole Grain Info


Whole grains have three parts to them. the Germ, the Endosperm and the bran. The bran is the outer hull, and has the most fiber, the most vitamins, etc. the endosperm is the middle, and has the least nutrition.


White rice, white flour (and therefore white pastas) have all but the center (endo) stripped off them. Brown rice and some other grains have the bran stripped, but keep the germ.


Barley, oats, oatmeal, bulgur, quinoa, etc., have all three parts of the grain, therefore they retain all the fiber goodness, rich riboflavin, and iron.


Couscous Recipes


Barley Recipes


Brown Rice Recipes


Bulgur Recipes


Polenta Recipes


Quinoa Recipes


Steel Cut Oats Recipes

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